Monday, January 27, 2014

after adhering tissue bits to deli paper.  you can see that it 

has a bit of texture.  i am not good at keeping my collage

pieces flat.

i decided to paint something after one of my

favorite artists, marc chagall.  i am drawn to 

his whimsical creatures and the scenes from his beloved 

home town village in Russia. 

i wanted to take more process photos but got

so involved with painting that i only took this one.

i used gloss medium under and on the top as an adhesive to glue the 

tissue down so the paper was glossy .  i tried to sketch with 

pencil and charcoal but the gloss made it difficult so i 

just started painting.  

i rarely use blue but it seemed to be a chagall favorite.  i like 

the color actually and wonder if it will pop up more in

my work.  


  1. Marc would be very pleased with your creation from his inspiration.

  2. I also love Chagall's work, and spent three days last year visiting a wonderful Chagall exhibition at the Tate Gallery in Liverpool.
    You definitely have a feeling of his work in your painting, that dreamy, nostalgic and romantic vision. I love this painting, and the blue seems to glow.

    1. How lucky to have visited the Chagall exhibit. I saw an exhibit years ago and still remember it. Thanks so much for your comments. I rarely use so much of this shade of blue but had fun here

  3. Your piece has a Chagall feel to it. :-)

    1. Thank you, John. I think it helps to use similar colors.

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