Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back at It

lynne perrella said these words at artiest.  

it just rang true.

it is said that after 28 days of 

repeating an activity it becomes 

a habit.

but recently, after years of early morning coffee and journaling at 

my neighborhood ranch market,  i got away from 

my daily  routine.  i can't explain what intervened.

it happened without fanfare.   i simply 

slid out of the habit without realizing.

it took a workshop with friends at orly's

to make me realize how much i loved journaling,

how much it is an essential part of me.

so i'm back 

to journaling 


to myself.

journal page- magazine page, spray paints

returned to journaling

like rediscovering a long lost friend

who has been on a long bike ride.


  1. I love seeing artist's journals. I never seem to get through one myself though. I often start writing notes or grocery lists instead of keeping it pure art and journaling. Nice blog you have!

  2. I have to get back to journaling, too. Just slipped away, as you say. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I am sooo glad your back to art journaling & blogging. Your pages and your wise words are refreshing and gentle.

  4. Great imagery here! I love the symbolism of the bicycle and getting back to journaling. You have been on a journey.