Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lesson From a Tree

After my daily morning ritual of journaling at the Ranch Market

I head to my car in this parking lot.  Many days I am thinking of doing the next thing.

 I take for granted my surroundings and don't see the beauty in my world.

One ordinary day, for some unknown reason, this tree just struck me.  Not literally but as struck me as 

if I had never seen it before, nor any other tree.  I was in wonder of the treeness of this object.  I had to 

stop, touch it's craggy trunk, run my fingers into the crevices,  look up to the sky to see what it saw,

to smell the freshness of it all and to take photos.  I have to admit I did look around to see if anyone 

observed this crazy woman fondling a tree.  

spreading its arms in welcome

All day I thought of the tree.  It was my teacher of the morning 

reminding me to be mindful, to keep my eyes open, to notice, 

and to take time to let in the beauty of the ordinary.

Wishing you a day of beauty and gratefulness.

1 comment:

  1. That tree is gorgeous! I love trees too, sometimes I am just comforted by their beauty and grace. Your painting is so vibrant and full of life!