Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Gray Areas

journal page, magazine image and papers, tapes, pen

 there are gray areas in life

that make it difficult to know

to really know

the only thing one can do 

is to 


your own heart explicitly

without question


you won't go wrong

thank you for visiting 
i hope you day is a lovely one


  1. Hi Irene,
    your pages are layered with such love and richness.

    I feel we must always follow our heart...and most times will be so happy where that leads.


  2. Oh this is a wonderful spread acompanied by such thoughtful and gentle words of wisdom.


  3. Hello Irene- I came to your blog via my mail art buddy Brian. So glad he told me about your blog- Very powerful pages- much emotion. I am a retired art educator- I taught for 36
    years- all ages. I scrolled down and a painting of yours had a Jesse Reno vibe. I will write more maybe later- here's a link to my blog- I just started it last month.