Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let's think tropical

journal spread with acrylic and collage materials

this journal spread takes me in my imagination to the tropics

with warm sand underfoot, some of it sticking between my toes,

 the music of the surf lapping gently on to the shore

palm fronds rustle as they sway in the breeze, birds singing overhead, 

a light floral scent wafts with the winds and i have a smile on my face.

all that while i sit in my studio in from of my computer.

imagination is powerful and useful.  it enables us to 'form a mental image

of something not present to the senses.'

speaking of imagination, never in my wildest imaginings

would i have thought i would get an award for this painting i posted earlier. . . .

but i did 

where is does your imagination take you today?

i am linked today with rebecca and other postcards from paradise


  1. Congratulations on your award, I'm not surprised though, you are very talented, it shines through! x

  2. Always lovely work ~ congrats on your award ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. Contratulations on your award! Your so very talented my friend!

    Keep journaling and blogging.

  4. These are beautiful -- not surprising you won a prize!

  5. love you irene! thanks for being here on my return from the paradise of san miguel de allende. warming my heart as prescott, az. receives its first snow!
    your beauty is astounding!

  6. Wow, tell more about your award. That is great! Congratulations! I love both of these pieces. Thank you for the feeling of warmth that the tropical one gives. It is rainy and cold in the PNW. The depth of the award piece is truly amazing!

  7. Indeed I feel the warmth radiating from the spread!!

    and..congrats! I am not surprised!


  8. Going with you to the Tropics, beautiful spread, and the awarded one, magnificent. You are beautiful. YOU inspire ME!! Always!