Monday, November 5, 2012

Submitting Work 'Out There'

journal page- spray paint, sharpies, magazine image, hand drawn paper

i often paint in a workshop setting

where techniques are shared,

feedback is welcomed,

and there is camaraderie 

with others who have similar passions.

also the latest exhibits are announced 

along with shows looking for 

art to be submitted.

recently i took a huge step (for me)

and have submitted my work to be shown

in different venues.

i found that  painting became 

a chore, pressure.  i wondered if my work

was acceptable, good enough.

it was no longer the fun and free

pleasure with no rules.

after i wrote this journal page i realized

that someone else's opinion of my work

became more important than the actual

pleasure of creating, of being lost in the color, the texture, 

the discovery of what comes next.

never a good starting point.

when i let go worrying about how it would turn out, 

i began to have fun again.


the page says,

being an artist is not dependent 

upon the number of sales you make.


  1. I'm so glad you are finding joy in creating art again!

  2. I so needed to come here and read this today! thank you irene!
    xo katy

  3. I am so glad you do art for you and share it with us!

    You make our lives much more the richer.

  4. It is so good to reflect. I totally agree with your thinking here.