Friday, November 16, 2012

Wabi Sabi

metallic and regular acrylic, collage, ink, charcoal on canvas board

imperfect beauty

impermanent, incomplete

simple, slow and uncluttered

today's haiku is written in honor of the ancient japanese world view of wabi sabi.  
the concept was first introduced to me  as a writing prompt, then recently 
orly avineri discussed it in the creation of journal pages.  
through wabi sabi i see that my japanese heritage is juxtaposed with my western upbringing.  
i am a collector, a consumer, living a full and active life yet at times 
i crave the peace that comes with the simple, slow and uncluttered.  

i wonder, can we have both?

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  1. This is a neat journal page and I really like the haiku. I think you can have both! I think being in nature connects me to a simpler life...away from computers and iPhones and material desires. Balance is key. Thanks for making me think about this today. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up...

  2. Loving the quirkyness of your painting. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. Love your style of painting and the haiku is lovely ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

    ps. ~ I know I am still working on 'simplifying' my life and my home

  4. Wabi Sabi simple with true heart.

  5. It seems to me the only way we can support spurts of busyness is to cultivate retreat and stillness.

  6. I love your haiku! The art really grabs me. Though the style flows there are so many details to see.

  7. I see a hint of you in the artpiece; the pixie hair, the delicate chin, the dark eyes.

  8. i really like this! And the idea of both? with balance maybe... something I always am conscious of!

  9. I love your image and your haiku. But I am put back into reality very quickly by your question. I think of simplicity always. When I travel, I have just a few things with me. I get along just fine, uncluttered. Then why do I have a houseful of, as George Carlin said, God rest his soul, "Stuff"?
    I'll be thinking of this today. Thanks for sharing all of this. A gift to us all with the painting, the words and information about yourself.

    Much Peace

  10. What can we have? What's in our hands and hearts at the moment. Beyond that, nothing is certain. Now. And even now is imperfect.

    Lady Saltcedar and Whispers of a Tree

  11. She looks so quite and gentle...just watching. Beautifully painted.

  12. Totally amazing! You really do have a style that is so pleasing to look at. I love how feminine this piece is. Happy Thanksgiving!