Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Day

"The Navajo teach their children
that every morning when the sun comes up,
it's a brand new sun.  It's born each morning,
it lives for the duration of ONE DAY.
And in the evening it passes on, 
never to return again.  
As soon as the children
are old enough to understand,
the adults take time out at dawn 
and they say,
'the sun has only one day.
You must live in this day in a good way, 
so that the sun has not wasted precious time.'"
Pema Chodron

On this day, I look around.  These tulips
reach out of their own pods, a bright, sunny welcome
letting me know that undeniably beauty surrounds me.

That inspiration abounds

Faces tell me that I am fearless

Remind me not to take things too seriously

To remember to play and glitz it up.

Or good luck is possible.  I won this bountiful arrangement at a raffle.

And then there is my studio


To add color

Or maybe a little sass

And always sweet Reggie, my biggest fan.

Visit Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon 
to discover more who find the most enchanting worlds in the ordinary.


  1. Hi Irene,
    I recently found your blog-but can't remember how! I have been really enjoying it and just wanted to say hi. This post is lovely and inspirational-and Reggie is a sweetie! I love the picture of the lady with the blushed cheeks and gold top. I also love that piecce fo furniture with all the drawers-lovely!
    Sarah :)

  2. oh irene....walking beside you through each salutation of beauty lifts and refreshes me.
    i know i have shared this before....i would love to paint with you some day!

  3. love your posts Irene... the colors are so vibrant and your words so descriptive~ you inspire me! xo

  4. Such sweet inspiration....

    Sue x

  5. stopping back, to bask in your beauty. we are celebrating "marys"
    at recuerda mi corazon. the feminine
    in the divine. it is easy to think you would fit in so easily in this ringing out of mother love!