Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Few Journal Pages

I thought I'd show you a few of my magazine collage pages but before I do I want to show you canvas #1 after I worked on it yesterday.  I did not love the flowery image and you know what Flora says, let go of the things you like to make room for things you LOVE.  This is still a work in progress but I am liking it more and working to find the love.

Here are a few pages from my current journal.  I love the simple freedom that juxtaposing images and pattern gives me.  Then there is the satisfaction of tearing and gluing.  I just can't help myself.  When I see an image or paper that I might use, I keep it.   Who knows when just the right spot will appear. So I have lots of paper to choose from.  If pushed,  I might admit that I have boxes.

Everyone saves their magazines for me~~my accountant, friends, my dentist, my physical therapists to name a few.  They all call me when they have a stack ready and I make the rounds picking them up. 

I page through quickly tearing out the images that call to me at that moment. After I am finished with the magazines I recycle them at my local library free basket.   Sometimes selecting the images and gluing them into a journal happens at the same sitting.  I usually journal at another time, in the quiet of the morning at my local ranch market while the Armenian family who owns it bustle to bake croissants and make fresh pots of coffee.  We say our morning greetings and get to our own work.

You might call it an obsession, this collecting of images.  I don't know.   Maybe passion is more accurate.

I have always been a collector of things I love but entering the door of mixed media has led me into a whole new world.  Everything is fair game
Okay I confess, I am even collecting tea bags for collage fodder.  
Don't tell anyone.


  1. I'm really obsessed about collecting images, too, as you know. I love all your journal pages. Any time on the 18th or 21st? Is your son coming home for Thanksgiving?

  2. Stunning!!

    Love your journal pages, too!

    Lol Last year I collected tazo tea bag envelopes from every glass of tea I drank. Lol Saving them for "something".

  3. I collect some crazy stuff I won't tell if you don't! What fun your collages are...I so enjoyed looking!