Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What is Journalfest Anyway?

Many of my friends get a blank look on their faces when I tell them I am going to Journalfest.  They picture a room of four people in their own worlds writing in their journals.  Why would a sane person who lives in sunny California and who journals daily in the comfort of her neighborhood coffee shop fly to dreary Seattle, drive another two hours to Port Townsend and spend four nights in a dorm at Fort Worden, an old military base?

My answer:  to join 140 others who are passionate about journaling, learning new creative techniques from painting, collage, drawing, stenciling, lettering to using different mediums (all of which can be translated to canvas or other types of art).  The visual stimulation of seeing other people's work,  camaraderie,  sharing of favorite tools and supplies and how to use them, learning from generous teachers, and to meet up with friends met at the last fest are but a few of the reasons I returned for the second year.

I have wanted to learn how to make my own stencils and jumped at the opportunity to take Roxanne Padgett's class.  Here is a sampling of Roxanne's array of stenciled and stamped fabric.  

One of  the fabrics I painted.

Book I made from my stenciled and painted fabric.

I met Juliana Coles last year.  I found her Extreme Journaling Process evocative and stimulating so I attended workshop at her home in Albequerque.  I just couldn't stay away this year.  Here is a page from her workshop.

The third workshop I took with Lisa Englebrecht.  Although I have her lettering book, Modern Mark Making my marks have not improved much so I couldn't wait to take her workshop.

In the end, it is about being with a wonderful and exciting group of like minded people and having fun.
Photo taken by Cynthia Fawcett of Carrie and  me

Kim and Carrie

 Teesha, the ultimate organizer and hostess

Cynthia, Laurie

Tracy, the other half of the organizing team and Lisa


Heidi, one of my housemates last year

Brian with his new ledger

Steve from strangejournals.com

Until next year.   

It was a dream.
Thank you Tracy and Teesha for creating a haven and community of journalers.


  1. What a great summary of our time at Fort Worden, you got some great photos! MISS YOU!! xo

  2. I miss this so much, great to go back and see this.