Friday, November 18, 2011

Television Girl

quirky girl, caran d'arch, stabilo woodie, pencil, gesso

Television girl 
watched a old movies incessantly.  
The 1963 version of Cleopatra 
with Elizabeth Taylor was her all time favorite.  
Sometimes she went so far 
as to imagine that she was 
a reincarnation
of Cleopatra.
She never uttered this 
to anyone.

Just thought that you might want to visit  Amy's tutorial 
on a making a Darn Sweet Book 


  1. I am loving your girls! I so want to paint faces ... you are a inspiration to me.... shall i just dive in? xo

  2. Yes, I can see the look in her eyes, I always wanted Liz's eyebrows! ;~)

    Sue x

  3. i love her face. faces are very important to me...

    and i love her story, too...

    (and thank you so much for your kind and gentle words over at my place today - so very much appreciated.)