Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Makeover

Cenitra's trying.  She made the waxing appointment.
It's a good thing to make changes during the holidays.
Or is it?
What do you think of her new look?
I don't know, the caterpillar eyebrows were endearing.

Here is the start of a journal page.
I am going to change the nov to NOW
but after that I'm not sure.  Maybe paint the background
or add more collage.
I like to let a piece sit.  Often it speaks to me letting me know
what it would like to become.
Right now
I'm waiting.

Wishing you a heart felt Thanksgiving with
loved ones.  Every year for over twenty five years I have cooked
Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family.
This year a friend who is a regular guest offered to host it.
I am cooking the three dishes
but it is not the same.  I miss the bustle,
deciding how to set the table,
taking out special serving platters,
the smell of roast turkey,
the traditional spinach, mushroom, cheese casserole,
the knock on the door,
smiling faces entering
my home



  1. I like to sit with things to, waiting to see what comes up! Maybe this is what will happen with Thanksgiving!

    Sue x

    BTW word verification is Hatcha!!!

  2. always i love the sound of opening doors, the timber of loved ones voices.
    someday perhaps i will know the music of yours!

    enjoy the grace of this day of sharing!

  3. I hope you had a nice day, Irene, even if you weren't the main cook. I know it has to be good to have your son home. I'll be in touch next week. I'm making Christmas cards!