Friday, July 18, 2014

we all have photo bloopers laying around,  i'm sure.  

the ones that didn't turn out but still sit in drawers.

before photo

  jacki long learned what to do with them from 

karen michel and shared that information. 

 besides photos, the supplies are basic- container of water, 

steel wool,  bleach, awl or sharp object for scraping,

paper towels, newspaper, gloves.  in case you are interested 

in experimenting,   the bleach is diluted approximately 

50% bleach to 50% water.   i tried a gently bleach when i got home 

but it did not result in the different colors, just bleached out the photo 

to a sepia tone.   i would suggest experimenting.

dipped in water, textured with steel wool over punchenella

i flipped it around in all directions when vertically

i saw a face starting to emerge.

three colors of pastels were used to define 

the details.  and here is the  result.

there is more on altered photos in these two books,

the complete guide to altered imagery, by karen michel

and mixed emulsions, altered art techniques 

for photographic imagery by angela cartwright.

while this technique is not totally new to me,  

it have been wanting to revisit it and the books again.

i have a mental list of processes i want to try but until 

i actually write it down, get the supplies out or have a workshop,

they often stay on the list for a while.  i am wondering if this is 

my procrastinating spirit or if you also don't get around to

doing all that you would like to in this rich and full life?

waiting at a stop sign i saw this today, 7am

hello to all my paint party friday visitors 


have a lovely weekend.


  1. What a wonderful rebirth for the photo!
    Love being in class with you ...
    your energy and creativity are ...
    both powerful and inspiring!

  2. Your pieces are always so eternal, light, beautiful and delicate. Thank you for sharing, Irene!

  3. I am SO inspired. So amazed. How creatively extraordinary!

  4. What a great technique. The result is wonderful, Irene. She is just beautiful. I notice bleach is on your list of materials. Was this diluted in the water?

  5. what wonderful art effects and great technique :)

  6. Ohhh I have done this with photos. I found that the old (non) digitals work best. Love your results

  7. amazing what you managed to create from that photo! Great work and very creative..... I have about a hundred projects that I want to try out, but somehow there's always something else coming up first. I keep them all on my computer in case I find myself suddenly with a whole lot of time ...

  8. I love it Irene...great technique...and the best part of all is you still stuck to your style...I'd know you did this!! Beautiful!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. how cool is this? Love the results Irene. You have a style of your own. Beautiful. xx