Friday, July 11, 2014

a family gathering of sorts...

i am rounding up paintings from here and there

wherever i have stored them.  some from their places hanging

on walls, some in a large portfolio i painted to hold flat paper pieces,

some propped up against my studio walls. they will first be evaluated, tweaked,

maybe a little bit of paint or glaze or varnished added.  next 

i they will get their photograph taken,  cataloged and counted to

take their places in my family of paintings.   why you might be wondering?

finishing is not my strong suit.  i love to start a painting or project but lose steam

when it comes to completing them.  another project, technique or idea entices me away

right at the very end.  it's gotten away from me now and  this round up is necessary.

but the biggest impetus  is that the second annual  gallery in the garden is upcoming 

featuring my works is coming up in august!

(ps i am hoping to get a new camera soon so i can get clearer shots.
till then, my iphone will have to do)

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  1. Irene, you have a large collection of lovely works. Your "family" is beautiful.

  2. A wonderful collection of paintings, and they look great together. Valerie

  3. Wonderful! Your show will be stunning! Can't wait!

  4. Yes, just beautiful collection of works and awesome that you will be showing them. Good luck and have fun.

  5. Seeing the collection together looks lovely! Have a great week as well!

  6. A good sized body of work - whatever gets you going is good. Sometimes we just need a deadline to be motivated. Good luck with the gallery showing - the paintings look wonderful grouped together like that.

  7. it looks great seeing your family all gathered together like that and i am sure you will finish off some wonderful work for the upcoming show...xx

  8. I think a regular review is great. Sometimes to tell myself 'that is truly awful' and other times to see a new possibility or pat on the back! At least with collage one can tear out and keep the best bits - and then lose the evidence of the disasters. Hope the open studio in your garden is well attended and a great success.

  9. Wow, that are quite a lot of paintings! Hope your show goes well!

  10. irene i love seeing them all together...i got so excited for you because your work is so wonderful:)

  11. so many wonderful paintings Irene! Glad you're rounding them up and completing them. I know your gallery showing will be great!

  12. I would love to come to your home to see all of your art. There is such emotion in your paintings and drawings. The colors you use reach into a person's soul and touches something primal. Your art ALWAYS inspires me. OK after I visited your art.... we would visit too. LOL

    Have a great week

  13. such amazing body of work, this will be well received, its truly amazing what a talent!