Monday, July 14, 2014

i am the first to admit that i have a lot to learn 

about painting abstracts.  my normal way to paint is to put down 

color and or collage and  look for a face or a figure. 

in the past my attempts at abstracts have felt awkward and 

i had not known where to go once i started.   so i tried something new.  

i started with this collaged piece from an earlier experiment.

then selected a portion of it that i thought 

might make an interesting abstract. 

i narrowed the scope with a viewfinder.

i loved the colors in this painting by plain air artist

and used the it as a reference start. 

this is a really large painting (for me), 33" x 40".  i am working

on unstretched gesso canvas taped to a large  foam core board.  

usually i work with it  on a table top so i can walk around it but the foam core allows 

it to be propped up  against the wall to get a different perspective.  


and just a follow up on the neck 

i filled the neck with several coats of wood putty.

did a little sanding and painting and the

reconstruction is complete.  all is well.


  1. I love how your abstract is coming along. I think you can get some interesting results from isolating part of a painting. Well done on rescuing her neck it has turned out very well.

  2. Oooh, this is outstanding Irene. Lots of work you got going and a terrific job you are doing.

  3. Love to visit you . your art is so special and so beautiful to me!
    Great portrait !

  4. Sounds a good idea putting the canvas on foam core board. Good luck with 'resolving' the abstract.