Monday, July 21, 2014

today i am delighted that i was invited by
to participate in a virtual blog tour.
i have admired katherine's unique style
and the feeling and uniqueness of each of her paintings.
i hope you will treat yourself to katherine's blog.
i have been inspired by her art, challenged by her
blogging creativity, videos and her
constant way of mixing up the presentation of her art
to make each post just a little bit different and
keeping the reader wanting for more.
unlike most days, today i will be answering questions
put forth to me by the virtual tour. i hope
that it will interest new readers and spark your
curiosity to search through the archives of this blog
and for those of you who know me, i hope you gain some
insight into my art process. these questions sparked me to
stop and pause and to think about what it is i do every day.

What am I working on?
i have been working on getting my pieces together for
a second annual one person
gallery in the garden show at
the studio of dianne dunn in redondo beach.
last year i showed 46 paintings. the response was overwhelming to me.  
it has been quite a satisfying, time consuming and tiring process at the same time 
to gather up work, put the finishing touches on each one,
get them framed or ready to hang. i apologize for being behind in
responding to your comments and visits. i am hoping that by the
end of the week, i will be able to start catching up on your blogs.
some times are like that and i hope you understand.
How does my work differ from others of its genre?
this is a good question. as a self doubter i think that
there is nothing different in my art but if i scratch below 
the surface, i believe that each person has a unique way of 
presenting in the world.  there are not two people who have
the same mark making expressions, gestures, vision.
this has become more and more evident to me as i really
look at art. so to answer the question, while there are many
mixed media artists, we all have our own signature. i heard
many times from others that they could tell a particular
painting was mine. truthfully, i find this a fascinating truth.
Why do I write/create what I do?
i both write and paint, but i paint more now than write.  
i do for many reasons. it is a pure pleasure, it feels natural, 
like i have always done it in reality, it is only
in the past few years that i even considered painting.  
it feels natural, like it's meant to be. while with writing
i felt pressure, stressed, it was work. i love to experiment with
different mediums and techniques. i admire artists who have
settled into one medium. that's not me. it's not that I'm unhappy
or i need more, it is just an inherent way that i am in the world.
i doubt if that will change and i am growing to accept this about myself.
how does your writing/art process work?
i paint almost daily. if i am not painting i am thinking about it.  
i paint in my home studio as well as in participating in various
group settings, including online workshops. i also belong 
to a consultation group of six artists which meets once a month to discuss 
the art we have created or any other topics that are of interest to us.  
i have a running list of different projects i would like to try in the future
but sometimes i forget to look at the list.
along with katherine jeanne wood's blog, here are a few others who
have participated in the virtual blog tour.

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