Monday, July 7, 2014

today's post is a little of this and a little of that...

in my experimental art group  

i worked on the other side of my house started last month.

on the first side of the house i included photos 

from my japanese ancestors from the 'olden days.'

this side i have included elements from 

the house i built and where i raised my family

embellished with magazine images.

i have yet to collage in a few more

family photos

working on this project brought back so many wonderful 

memories.  i found myself musing and taking my time.

each new element glued down touched another fond memory.

i enjoyed the unexpected gifts in the creative process. 

i am linking with woyww where people share their desktops and works in progress.

and just for fun... a watermelon 'cake'  made

 to have on a warm summer night sitting outside

 in the dark talking with friends.  afterwards i looked 

up recipes.  there are lots of them online that look so much

better than mine.  but, as i said, we were in the dark and 

everyone love it


a peek at the traditional fireworks at the 

stub hub center after a los angeles 

galaxy soccer game


  1. This is a wonderful post. I love what you are creating. However,,,,,,,,, I am coming over for some the watermelon cake. LOL
    Have a great week

  2. Such a lovely personal project. It will be a beautiful keepsake when it is finished. Hope to see it in some more detail when completed. Never heard of watermelon before cake but it looks delicious.

  3. i love the house book project......i just want more:) such a sweet idea and i love how you put your images together!

  4. watermelon is one of my fav foods! fun house photos too.
    robyn 26

  5. That house project is a fabulous idea. The watermelon cake has my mouth watering, yummy.
    Have a great week,
    Von #18

  6. hi Irene!
    i have been here before,
    and as things go
    i have been out of the loop,

    I remembered you
    and your beautiful
    meaningful art.

    it was a joy to revisit your spot,
    your painting below...on the previous post..
    how beautiful!

  7. Loving the house book project, great idea.
    The watermelon cake looks scrummy.
    Happy crafting, Angela x #41

  8. Wow! That cake looks yummy. Love the project you're working on. Thanks for stopping by. #7