Saturday, September 7, 2013

29 Faces Art Challenge, Day 7

do i know you, mixed media on canvas

you look familiar

your voice is an echoed memory

you know me in unspeakable ways

were we lovers once

did we sit side by side 

on a train to capadoccia

are you the brother of my best friend

please tell me

do i know you
poem by me


  1. Looking at this piece I realized that you have a definite style. I would know an Irene piece anywhere. I love the softness of the piece. What a success you are having! :-)

  2. What can I say?? This is so beautiful. I like this so much. It has so fine light, it is so soft and there are small changes of colors.
    Wonderful painting!

  3. A wonderfully delicate piece, fantastic !!

  4. I agree with John your style is so distinctive!


  5. really exquisite!
    balance, harmony and beauty.
    my favorite till ...

  6. I am very much in love with this face and the way you write your posts as well. I like that you put words with your work and tie it together...I try to do that myself (although I know I can't do it as exquisitely and precisely as you can!). To me, it is very inspiring to know what you are thinking as well as getting to see the finished work. <3 <3 <3

  7. such a beautiful mixed media painting. She looks very regal and dignified.

  8. Oh my, your creations are beautiful. You are a real artist!! I feel honored that I inspired you :-) I'll be back soon!
    xxx Marianne MW

  9. I am so taken by your day 7 face here. It is so dreamy and just like an echo of a memory. I love the words, you find such beautiful poems.

  10. Very beautiful face, and the poem is perfect for it....

  11. Oh, I love, love, love this painting, dear Irene. It is just so fine, as I wish to paint.
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. This one really speaks to me, Irene. She seems to be looking through a mist at the viewer and asking, "Are you here again? What is it you want?" I love hearing your thoughts as well. Wonderful work.