Sunday, September 1, 2013

29 Faces Art Challenge, Day 1

during the month of september i will be participating in 

i have a couple of out of town trips planned

during that time.  i will be able to draw faces 

but will have to learn to post from my phone.

i think's doable.

Day 1

i  used gouache to paint on deli paper.  then adhered the

little painting  to an old japanese book page that had been

gessoed.  i applied beeswax, let it dry and heated it to smooth

the surface.  i wanted a little more color so i scratched the surface

in areas  and used some oil pastels.  the last thing i did was

to heat the wax a bit to level out the surface again.

the edges of the book where there was no gesso

turned a lovely honey shade.  i love the quality of the  wax surface,

like looking through a dream and it is so silky to the touch.

i was so scared to try using wax.  i knew it couldn't be used

with acrylics but this was fun.

i plan to pursue this.

i hope you are enjoying this long holiday weekend



  1. How lovely, soft and delicate! This is such a pretty portrait. Great start to the challenge!

  2. Wow, I love your face with Gouache in this wonderful shape!
    Amazing start ♥

  3. I really dig the transparency and subtle color. Yeah - great start!

  4. What an awesome technique and such gorgeous results. Love the beautiful face.

  5. Love the results that you got and that transparent look is awesome. Thanks Irene.

  6. Hello Irene, She is so delicate and subtle. I think wax gives it that aura. Love that you posted your process for this face, Thank you. Clare

  7. Nicely applied technique, it looks soft and dreamy.

  8. Oh, this is beautiful! Thank you so much for explaining the process too! I have been wanting to try using wax and you are making me want to do it RIGHT NOW! I love that you put her on a book current favorite journal is an old Gregg Shorthand book...I call him Gregg! I can't wait to see your next face!

  9. What a lovely soft face. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  10. I really love the softness. Truly lovely!

  11. Interesting technique- Looks like an old fresco! I love it!
    Gabriele 31

  12. I love the colours of this piece. Just beautiful.

  13. I love the effect you have achieved using the beeswax Irene!! So happy you are doing the challenge.

  14. You captured femininity and the gracefulness of a ballerina. So soft! :-)

  15. Wonderful effect on your painting. She looks so delicate like a ballerina. The wax helps soften the whole image. Lovely technique

  16. The wax was a great addition. It looks to soft, like she is behind a sheer curtain. I will try this sometime.

  17. Beautiful, very soft painting.
    xx Monique

  18. oh wow, this is so gorgeous. i am loving seeing how everybody paints faces. what a great challenge this will be in september. i don't think i'll be painting 29 but the difference between what i have painr
    ted so far and what's left to go.