Sunday, September 22, 2013

29 Faces Art Challenge, Day 16

collage, oil pastels, pencil

i like to let paintings sit and simmer for a while.

when i come back to it with fresh eyes i see things

that were not apparent after the first rush of getting down 

the concept and color.  this is an example.  

well, it would be a better example if 

i had a before and after shot.


  1. I love this witty and cheeky collage, so colourful and full of fun. I agree with you about giving a piece of work 'resting time', so that seeing it with a fresh eye can identify what else needs to be done.
    Your work is very original and exciting, I love it.

  2. How often have I thought that? Often think, 'It was better yesterday' but unable to prove it was or return it to that state...

  3. She is marvelous, as are the rest of your 29 Faces.

  4. Absolutely lovely! You had me with the sock monkey! Great idea! I had a sock monkey when I was a kid and then another one as an adult. It sits right in my studio watching over me and my work! :-)

  5. Had a bit of a blog catch up today, you have been doing some fantastic work Irene, I particulary love this piece!!

  6. How awesome this is, especially the monkey eye. Super mixed media art here.