Sunday, September 22, 2013

29 Faces Art Challenge, Day 15

collage and sketch in journal

this is a re-do of a journal page.

collage and oil pastels added this time 'round


  1. I always love your originality. This collage has great colours, and I like the way you have emphasised the eyes. I learn so much about collage from you, and hope that it will rub off on me when I try more collage. Thank you for the pleasure of seeing your works, and for inspiring me.

  2. Love it, Irene. Look into my eyes indeed!

  3. Beautiful! I used to never do "redo"s, but there's so much value in it. You can see what you like, and what doesn't work, and "fix" it (though "fix" sounds so static--and this is nothing like static). This is gorgeous, and mysterious.

  4. This piece is your Mona Lisa. Terrific. I love how you added the eyes from a magazine. You are definitely a portrait artist now! Great!