Sunday, September 8, 2013

29 Faces Art Challenge, Day 8

collage, acrylic, pen, pencil, oil pastel 

a sliver of light glints in the dark

it is time to enter the narrow gate

don't follow me

you have your own gate

a blue face after vicki 


  1. You are on a roll! The first thing that came to mind was Lady Ga Ga. Did you see her on Fashion Police? Big hair must be back in.

  2. Yes, we all have our own gates and it is important to follow own way.
    You do so and You do it very well. I mean now the painting way. It is Yours and it is wonderful.

  3. She has a come-on look to my eyes - perhaps the message isn't meant to be taken seriously! Keep going, Irene.

  4. Such a marvellous loose painting, you are so talented.
    Your words are so true. And as Uuna says, the words can relate to artistic style. We all have our own style, which is one of the interesting things about this 29 Faces challenge, there are so many artistis with their own style to enjoy.

  5. Such a free look to your amazing painting!

  6. I really love your paintings. True pieces of art!
    Gabriele 78