Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Journal Musings

Fingers dipped in paint, mushed around on pages.  

Can think of nothing better to bring you to 

the present moment.

It would have been so subtle-

like the sensation you might feel

as you passed through the moment

at the exact center of your life

or as you crossed the equator at night in a boat.

Tipping Point, Billy Collins


  1. Considering my age, I'm sure I have passed through the center of my life. Each moment now is borrowed. Long or short? Unknown. I know I didn't feel the passage. It was that subtle. The important thing is to enjoy each and every day that life allows me now. I'm thankful.

  2. I love your journal pages. I love the texture.

  3. hi irene,

    i just want to tell you that your comment at my place gave me a big laugh - thank you... and so yeah, jump in... ; )

    you have a lovely place here. : )