Thursday, May 17, 2012


On a walk this week I encountered many peacock going about their daily rituals.

 in trees,

standing upright and regal,

in full display to in hopes of attracting a mate.  
They were probably wondering what I was doing with my 
little black box in front of my face clicking away.

Throughout history peacocks have symbolized eternal life 
in the Christian religion; benevolence, patience, kindness and 
compassion for the Hindu;  and were the guardian of royalty to the Persian
and Babylonians.  I feel fortunate whenever I encounter a peacock
and never take this magnificent bird for granted.


  1. A peacocks color is so incredibly vibrant and they are such elegant looking species~

  2. I love peacocks. Although growing up a park in my city had MANY that were MEAN!!! I used to do landscaping in Palos Vardes and they have several that live up there and you'd see them about.

  3. What wonderful shots of this painterly bird! Love it!