Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Few This and Thats

I might  have turned into a hermit

I've been in my room playing in journals

sketching faces, some really scary ones

happy as a clam

windows so clean I feel like I'm in a bubble up here

blue skies, trees, tiled roof tops and glimpse of the pacific.

Hours, sometimes days pass.

Oh, dear, I may never leave

Will I be rescued soon?

While I have been in the mode I'm doing a little rearranging,

organizing and clearing clutter so I can walk into the room

without tripping on a stack of stuff.

In an earlier post I (proudly) showed you my new shelf where 

I can see many of my art supplies and easily get them when I need them.  

This is a little thing but. . . 

it makes me smile.  

I discovered if instead of standing the many bottles of craft paints up,

I laid them down and can even take out a bottle 

and the space stays for it  to be returned.    

I told you it was a little thing.

I posted this you tube on my facebook but thought you might enjoy seeing

Phillip Scott Johnson's 500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art.

A generous visitor to my blog told me that he had difficulty leaving a comment because of Blogger word verification, that annoying weird word scramble you are subjected to before your comment will be published.  I checked my blog for this but Blogger does not make the author of the blog go through this.  So I did not know that you had to endure this.
If you have blogger and want to turn the verification off, 
here is a simple tutorial by JA Bennett.   It took two minutes. 



  1. You really want to be rescued? From this super tidy and cozy studio? No, you don't, come on...

  2. wow so much light, love love it. like how you did you paints great idea.

  3. Irene, Your studio is so neat and beautiful! It's the perfect escape. No wonder you create such amazing things in it. I was absolutely capitvated by your portraits of women in art history video. For me these transformations over time show a very similar female type being depicted over and over again which is very telling of Western art history. I wonder what it would look like from the standpoint of other Asian or indigeneous cultures. Anyway, I can't think of video technology doing a more super of job of depicting art. It even blows Michael Jackson's "Black & White" video out of the water for me! And, that's saying something! Thanks for sharing. Michelle