Friday, May 18, 2012

Exciting News about One Artist Journal

Orly Avineri is a true creative being.  

She lives a life in color, texture, creativity and finds her
personal calling in mentoring others along their journey of discovering the artist within.
In her workshops you don't merely learn techniques but she creates an atmosphere
in which you can have a full experience.

orly enthusiasticwhile teaching

Now she has even created her own, unique venue for transforming her art journal into a book
called One Artist Journal.  The book is composed of the rich, insightful and visually beautiful blog posting  that she has offered over the last four years. 

The best way to buy her book is through her eStore.  Also carried at Amazon 
or available at her workshops.  

maya, orly's sweet daughter and orly with me in the center at artfest

Win a chance to receive a free book by leaving a comment on her blog. The winner will be announced next Friday, the 25th.  This post is a part of a group blog hop with some of Orly's friends.  Here are the others.  Visit them and read their comments on Orly's book.

Cindy Woods O'Leary


  1. What a wonderful post! I love the personal photos!

  2. Hi, I love your post, and looked at the picture and realized I knew you from ArtFest. Hope all is well. I am so proud of our friend. Take care.

  3. How wonderful that you have met Orly in person...worked with her! Another fabulous book!! to savor.