Saturday, May 12, 2012

Carving Space This Week

I found the perfect storage of some of my paints in my studio.  It allows
me to see colors and frees up much needed shelf space.

All is not in the clear though. . . . there is still the 
stacks on  my desktop to contend with. 

Still I was able to I make this little five inch square book from rosen paper.  I applied a thick 
layer of gesso, let it dry and did the same for the other side.  I textured some pages by
using stencils or the back side of a paint brush.  Then I cut 5 x 10
inch pieces and painted them with various shades of blue and some white.
I used the coptic stitch to sew the pages together.  This book feels so 
soft and supple in my hands.  One of the pages tore as I sewed it 
so I added some blue tape and it is fine.  Don't know whether
there was less gesso on that particular page but after
collaging in the book the pages seem sturdy.

I worked on this photo more and  added it to my new journal.
I need a lot of practice so that the paint is not applied
too heavy a handed but I like seeing the 
photo come to life with color and of course
I like thinking of my sweet mom
on this Mother's Day weekend.

Also after getting away from basic sketching I practiced a few faces

and a journal page with another painted photo copy.

I have been working on this painting for a while.  I wasn't exactly giving 
me problems but it was not clear what it wanted to become.  
This week I finished it.  It is always  a gift when 
I can see what the next step is as I apply paint.
To me it is akin to some sort of magic.

I didn't think I spent much time creating art this week but when I sat down to blog 
I found that I did more than I realized.  
Does that ever minimize yourself~ think you did not
create much until you stop and really look?

I also want to pass on some  good news about a friend.
Orly Avineri's book, One Artist's Journal,  has been 
published this week.  It is now available


  1. Lovely creations ~ very colorful and design is wonderful ~ Thank you so much for giving me permission to use the photo your Mom ~ and I will definitely credit you for the photo ~ it may not be a realism creation more a 'model' for an idea ~ thanks again ~ namaste, ^_^ and yes I do sometimes think I have not done much creating and then realize when I post that I have a lot to select from ~ Good sign I think ~ means I have been focused on creating and not the amount ~ Happy Mother's Day to yu and have a wonderful, magical week ~ ^_^

  2. Irene I think this painting you were "having trouble"with is my favorite!
    Your blog is so great and a great way of recording your art progress week by week!
    Thank you for sharing. xo

  3. Oh I LOVE these pages! Please feel free to come and organize my space....