Sunday, September 28, 2014

what are these?  many of the acrylics i buy are from nova color.

they come from 4 ounces and up.   nova is a small company based in

los angeles and i like to support them.  the colors are lovely, prices

very competitive and the service is excellent.  they ship almost immediately

after the order is placed but i often wander in the tiny showroom and pick 

up my paints.   think i have almost all of the colors they produce.   they also carry 

textures and mediums.   i buy 2 and 4 ounce squeeze bottles to transfer the paints

into for easier and faster use.   also when i travel to a workshop or work in another

studio i do not have to take the who container.   anything that eases the load and 

readies one to get right to painting is helpful.

i do have to mention that i favor the colors of golden paints as well, 

especially the fluid acrylics.

i have found that this works for me.  do you have any tips or hints that 

help make your creative experience easier?


  1. Great shot, Irene!
    I have been meaning to try the nova colors, as they have great colors and work well.
    I am also enjoying your blogs,
    I always have, but I like having more! ;oD

  2. Thanks for reminding me. I had gone online to look months ago and then life took over and now you have jogged my memory.