Wednesday, September 3, 2014

stack of eco dyed papers

Sometimes with
the bones of the black
sticks left when the fire
has gone out

yummy lying in the afternoon sun

someone has written
something new
in the ashes of your life.

such wonder

You are not leaving
you are arriving. 

~ David Whyte ~

House of Belonging

posting today with the folks at  woyww
i have written a short tutorial for eco paper dying here


  1. Hi your paper looks wonderful in the sunshine,
    janet #18

  2. Interesting. Thanks for sharing at WOYWW today. Hazel, WOYWW, #34 x

  3. How very interesting. Thank you for sharing. April #70

  4. Irene, wow! Gorgeous. I love the tutorial for dying the paper. I'm keen to give this a try. If I want to make a journal do I need to keep the pages to a certain size? Then how to bind them? So many questions :)

  5. Your paper is so pretty. I am a sucker for paper. LOL I love these words from David Whyte.
    See you at PPF

  6. Love the look of your paper in the light of the sun. Hope you have a wonderful crafty week.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 49
    Happy WOYWW

  7. Ooh lovely, the paper is gorgeous and your photos make it look really vintage!

  8. That project looks wonderful! Have a lovely weekend, Chris # 29