Friday, September 26, 2014

not seeing double...

rather, these are two mono prints. using 

water based inks, i painted the image

then ran a print through the press.

then i repainted a second painting with slightly 

different colors.

looking through a viewfinder and taking 

various portions of the print

there are several different references i can 

use to create other paintings should i wish to.

in this way i am using my own image to create

further pieces.  

it is the beginning of a busy weekend.  

busy doing what you might wonder...

well, in another life i was a passionate knitter.  i could always be 

seen with a pair of knitting needles in my hands.  i loved yarns.  i made it a point

of visiting every yarn store in my city and other cities i visited.   i learned when 

i was 9, taught many many friends to knit, designed my own patterns

was the go to person in many circles when knit problems came up because

i was known as the solver.  after decades of knitting, a few years ago i developed 

tendonitis and can no longer knit.  i have a treasure hold of yarns that i have be unable

to let these yarns go.  today i have started the process of lightening my load,

simplifying, passing on that which does not serve me.   these boxes have been

delivered to a friend and passionate knitter.  there are more boxes yet to come.

feels good.

posting today with paint party friday
hosted by eva and kristen.


  1. I love your beautiful color prints - they are truly stunning. It does feel good to get rid of "stuff" we can no longer use

  2. I admire anyone who can knit. I was fascinated with the process of your painting. Wonderful artwork--such simplicity, yet so powerful.

  3. I knit so slow! I have been working on a scarf for 3 years lol I don't know what I will do when we are done with this long love/hate relationship, the scarf and I hahahaha
    I also was yarn crazy and gave a bunch away... but is it good for the feng shui, right?
    I love the painting!

  4. The prints are beautiful! I can feel for you with knitting, can't do much - if any - these days because of wayward fingers, but I still love my wool! Valerie

  5. The colors of your prints are so beautiful and flowing!

    I'm a passionate crocheter! I've made six ponchos in one month and that's a bit too much, isn't it... :D

  6. striking art-and the print looks just as good too! Good for you to lighten the load-I need to do more of that myself:)

  7. What a wonderful idea with the monoprints! I love knitting too, but only in wintertime, and I never manage to finish a piece before winter's over .... So now I have about 6 pieces in different stages of progress ....

  8. Gorgeous mono prints on your original!! I was a big crocheter, also making my own patterns... but carpal tunnel bothers me so it's hard to get into it the same as before! Good for you purging and lightening your load!

    Hug Giggles