Friday, September 19, 2014

well, after months of  planning a dream trip to france 

and getting as  far as the first leg of the flight, 

the trip was canceled....long story.

so, today i applied the adage, 

'when life gives you lemons,

make lemonade.'  

and  this morning i remembered that my friend

and collage mentor, jacki long was giving a 

workshop.  while the first light of day hadn't 

even peeked, i emailed her to see if i could join in.

she generously said yes.  

i didn't even know what the topic was.

surprise me.  i needed a reprieve.

for a few hours i spent creating mail art

and am sharing it here with you  

and with paint party friday. 

thank you for visiting today.

wishing you a weekend of surprises.


  1. I am horrified that the trip was cancelled... and you have an amazing attitude about it.. i would be inconsolable and possibly to be found at the bottom of a wine bottle smeared in the remains of a tub of ice cream... you on the other hand create awesome artworks... hope it is rescheduled...xx

    1. LOL. I did all of the above, but the artwork helped the most.

  2. So glad you joined us today. Sorry about the trip, but lucky us!
    The class is always better when you are part of it!
    I love each and every one of your creations, they are so you!
    You have such an innate style! Come again soon and inspire us.

  3. Awe so sorry the trip was canceled but who knows maybe it will turn out to be a good thing! Love your version of lemonade...what better way to console yourself!! Wishing you many good things anyway!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. Sorry about your trip, but great that you turned your disappointment into creativity, have fun with the class! Valerie

  5. Sorry about the trip, but lucky us sure like your lemonade!

  6. Fantastic and unique creations. Sorry to hear about your trip to France, however I have to admit that first thing what came to my mind when I opened your blog was ' chat' :)Thank you for sharing, Irene!

  7. What a bore having your trip cancelled. Well done for leaping onto something else! Top picture is very surprising but it looks like you had fun.

  8. I am so pleased that you are sipping lemonade Irene and not dwelling on what could have been. There will be a next time. In the meantime your collages are so unique as Aga says. wonderfully creative.