Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Fever

i'm filling my world

with spring flowers.... the promisee

and magic of life

i can't seem to stop adding 

more flowers

even the fallen flowers bring beauty

spring has spilled over

on to the page

care free

whimsical colors

splashing my journal

recently i have been feeling some pressue ~~pressure to create something different,

create a masterpiece, create something to submit, create what is really within me,

create something original.  you get the picture.  it has gradually eaten away at

the spontaneity and just plain fun of putting paint to paper, rip and gluing paper,

the journey of the next step as it arrives.  too much thinking spoils the cake so to speak.

but orly reminded me to follow the process.  to do one step at a time, look, really see

what's there and then take the next step and then the next.  let the work 

itself inform you, not the part of the brain that plans the whole thing out.

i then remembered to be surprised, delighted in the outcome,

that there are no mistakes, really, everything changes,

layers can be added along with a new understanding 

of who you are and what your life is about. 

one step at a time, one step in this present moment.

a haiku and glimpse into my world today 
shared with you and my haiku my heart friends


  1. You have taken me with you and reminded me how beautiful spontaneity is, it is so easy to want to control the outcome of everything!

    Thank you gorgeous! x

  2. Your paintings are delightfully spring like and your gorgeous photography of Spring flowers is wonderful ~ enjoy ^_^

  3. You have been add it again with the camera and your art supplies. So much color and fun. Really great!

  4. Wow! What colours in the flowers and your paintings. Lovely.

  5. Flowers are always a joy to behold. You shared a beautiful selection.

  6. Irene,
    Yes! to the play and exploration. Love these pages. I'm working through the Artist Way with a group of friends. Interesting what is coming much about the process rather than the product. Easy for ME to say, I struggle with this!!