Friday, March 29, 2013

Early Morning

journal cover 

mysteries emerge

as the undeniable

unfolds from within

i love mornings before the world awakens.  the soft welcoming sounds of

birds as they begin to flutter and twitter, the sun gently readies itself 

for the day,  cresting over the horizon.    i cant wait to make my way 

to my newly carved out studio space where the morning sun shines 

gloriously each day.  ever since i can remember i've been a morning person.  

at night,  though, that's another story.  

my studio table

linking today to rebecca brooks' haiku my heart


  1. Beautiful! Your life is very blessed.

  2. dear irene,

    you... are the undeniable beauty arising!!


  3. Your artwork is always so beautiful ~ love the journal cover , post, and haiku (so rich with the divine) ^_^

  4. This is one terrific journal cover. Write me about the process please.

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  6. I have to agree with John! I love your journal cover Irene! I would have to agree. I love the mornings before everyone else is awake I love to walk in my garden.

  7. I can actually go either way,as dictated by circumstances, but may tend to be more of a late owl, making the morning all the more special when I do experience it! Like yesterday, I left my house at
    5:30am to drive to a art show...beautiful watching the sun rise and the world wake up!

  8. Me too, the morning is for me! I feel the morning energy here. x

  9. Wonderful journal cover... very inspiring post