Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Keep Trying

she didn't feel right.  so i left her on my desk for a while.

i came back to her this morning.  i moved her eyes and hairline down. then  remembered 

the problem i had earlier.  the first layer was a thick coat of oil pastel.  i couldn't apply the 

following layers of color evenly or where i wanted.   that's why her eyes are so black.  the pastel

just smeared all over.   i finally scraped some areas down to the original collaged papers.  then reapplied 

oil   pastels. i like her better now.   don't give up on your work.   keep looking, keep trying another 

layer, another  medium but keep trying.   don't fret when it's not perfect.  it's all a part of the creative 

process.  you will be happy you did. 


  1. Re: don't fret when it's not perfect: this reminds me of advice I read recently i.e. 'Don't be in a hurry to sign your work - you will get better.' I like this! Love the pink and emerald.

  2. I so agree with your sentiments.
    I love you use of color and especially how you let the background come through. I always enjoy your posts Irene.

  3. Please excuse my grammar. I meant your use of color.
    Note to self: I really must take time to proof read!

  4. Call me crazy but I sure liked the first version. Loved the nose and the image seems to be trying to force its way off the page.

  5. You are so good at mouths and eyes. The eyes have depth. Mouths are the most difficult for me. Noses use to be, but drawing every day has helped. I love the geisha pancake and I love the texture for the kimono.