Friday, March 1, 2013


acrylic, gesso, ink, pencil, collage on canvas wip

a wistful longing

regenerates ancient ties

to another time

i have been painting every day.  it's been a bit of a push. 
misty's face to face workshop as well as gritty jane's 10 day challenge
have both helped to keep the momentum going.
also i love my new studio space.  
the morning light draws me in
to create first thing even though i often feel as if 
i can't or don't know what to paint next.
but once i am in my space around my materials
i start.  from that point there is no looking back

here are a few of the faces i've painted.  my son
says they are scary but then he said he likes scary:)

okay.  they are a little scary :)

this post is linked to rebecca brooks' haiku from the heart


  1. Not scary. Ethereal and wonderfully unique.

  2. Wonderfully creative faces! Love your delightful haiku and your top painting is exquisite ~ ^_^

    So good to have you 'visit' ^_^

  3. So lovely Irene!
    I love to look at your work.
    Thank you for sharing.

    (... pitiful, I know, but an effort?) ;op

  4. I think a wistful longing is the birthing place of creativity!

    Someone Passed this Way

  5. The faces are not scary. The finished painting is going to be wonderful, I can tell already.

  6. just wonderful... I especially love your red lady... lovely haiku too!

  7. dear irene,
    i always feel so excited when i see your link as i never know what you will post. once again you have completely swept me away!
    gorgeous and inspiring each one!
    so happy to know you are painting every day!

  8. It's that practice that is so important! I admire that you are doing this daily and the faces...I think so lovely and not the least bit scary. the online classes are a wonderful inspiration and I need to enroll in one.

    carry on!

  9. I love the ancestry piece. Totally wonderful, Irene!

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  11. ooh, I love the mixed media used in the ancestry art! and I feel myself being wistful because of your superb verse.

  12. Wow...your top WIP is amazingly beautiful. It looks finished to me. Nice work. I really like the composition and the random bits of collage paper I see.

  13. The one with purple dress is my favorite! I know she has a different background now. Really love everything about this piece.

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