Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Week in LA

LA is a sprawling city.  It is said you can find about anything here.  

I am not sure about that but this week I found

fresh fruit juices at the farmers' market,

a chandelier hanging from a tree while people

breakfast, listen to live music or shop for fresh

fruits and vegetables,

a home grown musician, Paul Chesne of the Paul Chesne Band 

playing in the outdoor patio of Primitivo on the 

hip street, Abbott Kinney,

an exhibit, In Wonderland, featuring surrealist women artists,

Frida Kahlo 1919-1954

one of which is Frida Kahlo.

quick sketch in my journal

After the exhibit I dug out this book

and was reminded of the Frida's vibrant works.

I thought you might be interested 

in seeing 

a few of her pages

and become inspired yourself

 to play in your journal.

I have linked this post to Rebecca Brook's  Postcards from Paradise.  

I hope you get a chance to visit her.


  1. Wow! ~ traveling and wonderful creations in your journal ~ and wonderful photos of the excellent activities ~ thanks, namaste ^_^

  2. Thank you Irene, very nice, I particularly like the chandelier hanging from the tree! x

  3. oh thank you for posting pictures from her journal! I love the sketch you made beautiful!

  4. oh irene....perfect paradise, images from the creative soul of another.
    please forgive my late visit! i was unexpectedly whisked away to boston to be apart of a dramatic project to celebrate the force of the human spirit. home now i am here to thank you for being a vibrant inspiration and sharing paradise!

  5. I have had little chance to blog visit...happy to catch up a bit.

    Beautiful farmer's market..and Frida's journal, I have that one too.