Friday, April 6, 2012

Unraveling Mysteries

Interpreting the 

mysterious cloud writing

for eyes gazed upward.

This post is linked to Rebecca's Haiku My Heart.  Please visit here to read more inspired haikus.

Maya and Orly 

My eyes gaze toward recent memories of Artfests 

so that while I am here at my home studio 

a part of me is thinking of old friends and new, 

of learned art techniques, of the seagulls at dusk, 

of Puget Sound, of the excited buzz and conversations of classes, 

products, teachers,  projects over shared meals, of laughing with dorm mates, 

of sharing what was created during the day, of joint journaling at night 

to the music of a live band and belly dancer, of life stories told at shared tables 

as hands move and create, of carting art supplies to classrooms

 through Port Townsend drizzle and much more.

Meals in the Commons

There are a more Artfest photos and stories to tell you but for now I need to figure out how to solve a technical issue of getting more photo space for my blog.  It all started when I tried to make a photo collage for my blog.  It seemed Picasa was a good way to go.  Instead Picasa  uploaded all of my iphoto photos from my computer  which  in the process used up all of my allowed disk space for my blog.   I didn't know there was a limit.   Hmm, another mystery to unravel.  It might take some time.  I hope not too much time.  If your picture is not here yet, it is because of this space issue. . . . and if anyone can shed some light on this issue, please contact me.  

Until then.  



  1. what fun! your haiku is unique - yes i see the cloud hieroglyphics! Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Irene,
    It looks as if you had a great time at Artfest. I have been enjoying reading about it.
    I had the problem with space too and like you I didn't realise there was a limit. What I had to do was buy some more space-can't xactly remember how but it was not that hard I think, and was pretty cheap. Hope you get it sorted out soon!

  3. irene it was so wonderful meeting you! I used a site called picnik to make my photo collages then transfer them to my blog it is free, the bad news is that it closes on april 19th. i don't know how picasa works. good luck!

  4. Hello Irene, what a rich visit this is... those letters in the sky, and found within your haiku, are indeed a mystery... oh to be able to read the cartography of the sky! I've enjoyed also seeing your pics from artfest, I hope you solve the picasa mystery soon!

  5. Hi
    HAiku and photograph go so well together. Happy Easter

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I look forward to hearing more about Artfest. Happy Easter.

  7. Love those banana leaves against the light. Nice haiku.

  8. That was a perfect haiku and a dramatic photograph!