Friday, April 13, 2012

Artfest Spillings

I know a powerful experience when I continue to revisit the memories,

to mine the gold that comes of a deep well, to ponder on

the relationships started in just a short bit of time,

to wonder at the creative explosion that happens

when like meets like.

And so was my time at Artfest.   I put the 'trades' made by 

others into a small Moleskine journal.  Now it, too spills open

with evidence of creative hearts wanting to share.

Pages overflow with as many trades as will fit.

I was reunited with Kim and Heidi, my Journalfest friends.

How luck Maya Avineri was to join her mother, Orly for the retreat and to take classes. 

I couldn't help but wonder how my life would have been different had I 

joined my mother at an art retreat.  Though these are fleeting wanderings

of the mind for I am quite content to have found art at all.  And I 

remember my dear grandmother Iwataki who wrote poetry 

but began painting at the age of 74.  

For now, my little journal sits on my kitchen counter

smiling open, a touchstone of a magical time.

 Spring in Redondo Beach

Wishing you a lovely weekend.



  1. Your journal of trades looks so inviting, I want to dive in and explore every page. Love the picture of you, Kim and Heidi!

  2. Oh that's wonderful Irene. Your journal book looks so full of life and love. Thanks for sharing.

  3. we posted our trade journals on the same day. lol, yours looks like it's bursting with so much creativity. LOVE IT.

    oh i ordered that glue thru amazon already, but thank you. miss you much Heidi

  4. beautiful. just beautiful. i have yet to do that with all my trades, that still sit on my table so i can pick them up every once in a while and rewind the awesomeness of artfest.... so so happy we had an opportunity to meet and chat and laugh... hope our paths cross again

  5. I just now see your post beautiful, so touching. Pure magnificence of a journal, pictures, are such a poet living a poetic life. Maya's picture along with your accompanying words just brought tears to my eyes. Love Franchesca too. Love you.