Saturday, April 14, 2012

Journal Pages

I used to knit.  That's an understatement.  I loved knitting.  I learned from my mother as a nine year old.  

I collected  beautiful yarns from every country I visited and  from yarn stores in my hometown.  

I would select the yarns for my next project, sit them in a basket in the passenger seat 

and design the next  sweater and knit it.  When my car was at a stop light, 

I would pick up the needles and knit a few stitches.   

People would see me knit.  Often they said

'I wish I knew how to knit."  So

I taught many friends to knit.

I  knit while watching tv.  I'd knit while waiting for my son at school.

I'd knit in the movies.  I knit until I developed tendonitis and had to stop.

I tell you this because I belonged to a knit club sponsored by a local yarn store.  

Monthly newsletters with  a sweater pattern were sent out.  

I made this journal from the newsletters. 


The pages are gessoed first.

Then the layers begin.

Here are a few pages.


  1. love the idea of making a journal out of something else you love (the knitting news letters)and you know it is always there. I enjoy crocheting, can't get knitting down.

  2. irene,
    fist off i love your journal pages. I was a knitter too I learned at 17 and knitted non-stop until 22 when I also developed tendonitis, I tried knitting not too long ago I thought "just a little scarf" but all the old aches came up when I started. I have decide this year to somehow create things with all these beautiful yarns that are out there how can I resist:) i have your crane in my art area:)

  3. From one who is always wishing for just one cookie, your knitting newsletter journal is lovely!