Friday, September 29, 2017

sometimes i stop working on a painting when

it seems to be done or i do not know where to go next.  

i have been working on some of these almost 

done paintings.  here are progress shots.

both were very soft and light.  seeing them 

from a distance on the wall, they almost faded away.

but i loved the details as i got closer but i wanted to 

be able to see more from afar.  working on these reminds

me of processing a photo in a dark room.  if you have ever

done this, the photo comes to life slowly in a chemical 

bath.  you can choose when to stoop the processing by 

taking it out and neutralizing the chemicals.  there is a little

magic in watching the photo images.  i get the same feeling

coming back and painting slowly adding color.

i would love to hear your opinion on this 

second painting.

i stopped here with the painting but 

when i fiddled with the photo this was the results.  

do you have a preference?

posting with eva and kristen's paint party friday

i will be late in responding to your comments this week.
i just discovered that my computer lost thousands of photos 
and i am sure this will take hours of work to restore them.  
wish me luck


  1. Oh Irene! I love that you shared process! It is amazing how they turn out so differently from earlier versions. Love these bunches! :-)

  2. Irene these are amazing! You have such a pure talent.

  3. Really beautiful! Happy PPF! Have a lovely weekend!

  4. so wonderful their Works, this very lovely painted!
    Happy weekend

  5. Great to see the progressions Irene.
    I agree, it is a hard thing to know the exact time something is finished... you've mastered that so beautifully in each painting. I admire both creations :D) Happy PPF!

  6. Beautiful art, love the process, knowing when to stop is one of the most difficult things for me.

  7. Wonderful progression, fascinating to study.

  8. Both paintings are lovely and I enjoy seeing the stages - The gold and light blue color palette of the second painting is especially stunning!

  9. I really like the beautiful softness of these pieces, and so nice to see the process. I only developed photos myself once, many years ago, but I still remember that afternoon spent by myself in the darkroom, watching the magic of the images appearing on the paper. It was only a handful of images, mostly from Venice, but I still treasure them.

  10. Irene just stunning end results. Loved watching this process. It truly does come to life! Hope you find those photos... So scary. Sorry I'm so late.

    Peace Giggles