Friday, September 15, 2017

last week with tech support week!  my hard drive needed 

replacement.  that's understandable but what is not is  that i was unable 

to post on my blog via my cell phone.   i spent hours trying 

and even hired someone who  was also unsuccessful.  i have done it before 

when on vacation so there must be a tiny trick i missed.  all that as an 

apology for missing last friday.  i was especially remiss after being 

selected as the featured artist on paint party friday.  thank you kristen and eva!


this painting sat for over a year.  i came back and finally

finished it.  i rarely finish a painting in one sitting. 

i am surprised with other artists can.  i actually like the 

process of starting, giving it some time.  when i come back 

to it, it is like a new painting and i see it again with fresh eyes. 

i save everything!  especially paper.  now with the

use cell phones, paper maps are all but obscure.  

i recycled my thomas guide using the pages for collage.

here, i tried drawing a map face.   

playing around

with collage


and marker and pen gestures.

and ending today with a tea bag portrait.

posting with kristen and eva's paint party friday 


  1. Wonderful painting and your faces are super too! I'm especially fond of the multiface collage. It looks fabulous :)

  2. I am taken with that multiface collage also! And the tea bag portrait and also by the fact that you are exploring and experimenting with your art. That is what it is all about, in my opinion. Happy PPF

  3. Love your art 'experiments' this week, especially the map face and the finished painting, the tribe, is wonderful. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. Lovely portraits ~ my favorite though is Tribe ~ magnificent !

    (A ShutterBug Explores)

  5. I love the Tribe, too. It is so enchanting and a bit mysterious. All faces are impressive different way. Great post today, thank you ❤

  6. All are terrific and have your magic touch, Irene!

  7. What I like about your and your art is that you are fearless. You will try anything to see what effect or outcome might prevail. I love Tribe! Amazing! So pleased you finished it. :-)

  8. Love the "Tribe" painting! Happy PPF!

  9. so diverse and creative are these faces Irene. Fabulous projects! Hope all is in good shape again with your computer. Happy PPF!

  10. So much diversity in your art. Love it all!

  11. Your art is so varried and yet so you! I just love the tea bag portraits! I miss you my friend! Let's get together soon!

  12. great, i love your art, much diversity in it

  13. I just love your art. How you manage to put face on face and it looks beautiful. Your are the paper queen I think. LOL

  14. Oh I love your painting and what a great idea with the map book. Your art is lovely!

  15. As always a fabulous variety!! Love the completed painting. I would always step away from any project even a word puzzle it I was stumped. I always come back with new eyes and seem to fix the problem immediately! I feel artwork can be the same! I missed a few weeks too and understand the frustration of being without technology. We value every bit of paper that comes into the house since much of it is used for the mandatory recycling of our organics!!Great post!

    Peace Giggles