Friday, October 13, 2017

hello!  i have been besieged with

computer issues for the last two weeks.

you know how it goes.  just when you think 

it's over, you find something new to contend 

with.  but i remind myself, that it's a first

world problem and go on with life but there

are times when it's just darn frustrating.

the good news is that i can post today and for 

that, i am grateful.  after days of doing not creating art,

i felt rusty.  i decided to go simple using a stabile and 

white gesso on these two drawings.

on my birthday i attended a weekend workshop with misty mawn,

one of my favorite teachers.   i love the creativity she brings in her

soulful style and have taken many online and in person workshops

with her.  through writing prompts, poetry, symbols and the three primary 

colors plus white and black to create values, i painted two paintings.

i have been wanting to push my art and  experimenting with adding a story 

to my paintings. the writing brought me back to a time when,  for years 

i wrote daily,  first journaling, then poetry and fiction, then back 

to journaling.   i didn't know that i missed it so much.  

this is an underpainting yet to be completed


and  in my journal.

in both northern and southern california

there have been tragic unconfined fires.  i was

at a local arboretum celebrating my birthday with

friends the morning the anaheim hills fire broke 

out.  we saw a change in the sky and left the area

to go to lunch.  

after lunch, the sky had changed. i have several

friends who had to evacuate their homes.  luckily,

they are all safe but everyone is not so lucky. 

your prayers are welcome for the victims 

who have suffered losses and for those who are

uncertain about their homes. 

posting with the lovely eva and kristen


  1. Your journal portrait is striking! I love the position of the head and the neck. Your choice of color assists in the striking-ness of it. Exciting!

  2. Beautiful art. Happy belated birthday, glad you were able to enjoy a course with Misty Mawn. The fire is really awful, so many people have been affected.
    Have a great weekend, happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. These fires make me so sad for all of the people affected by them. Your top photo is particularly beautiful and threatening. Love that journal portrait! Happy PPF

  4. Irene, your art is always beautiful. Today's showing is awesome. The fires are terrible. Such a tragedy for so many people. It made me think about what I would grab if I only had a few minutes to evacuate. It would be so hard leaving behind a lifetime of memories.

  5. Truly wonderful portraits and lovely photos.

  6. Lovely art work - so atmospheric and thoughtful. Happy PPF from Number 38 :D

  7. what beautiful looking art Irene. Glad you enjoyed a lovely birthday. It sure seems the tragedies are continuous in one form or another. I do hope everyone is praying hard. Strength and numbers they say...happy PPF!

  8. Beautiful work, so scary about the fires.

  9. I know I don't like being without my computer, hope you get yours straightened out soon. Love the fact that you went to an art class for your birthday, happy belated birthday wishes.

  10. Your portraits are always impressive, Irene.
    Our news have shown photos of the horrible California fire. Blessing to people there.
    Have a safety,great upcoming week ❤

  11. Fabulous artwork. I saw the fires on the news. So sad to see all that destruction.

  12. No matter the medium Irene, your work always has an elegance that is so appealing! ♥

  13. Oh those fires are so tragic...heartbreaking to see how many have lost homes and life!! Your art always brings such a bright spot to the world!! A great unique variety!! Happy Belated Birthday may your year be filled with joy and even more creativity!

    Peace Giggles

  14. Wow each piece of your art holds something different and very special. The fires are horrid. So many of my friends from Southern Cal right on up to the State of WA have lost so much. Indeed prayers for all.

  15. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday! I'd love to take a workshop with Misty Mawn! You created beautiful pieces!

  16. I really like your face drawings, really nice!
    Climate change is true. Our summer was wet, autumn warmer and longer than normally. Luckily we don't have hurricanes...
    Hope you have a good week going on!

  17. Beautiful! I especially love the figures with birds!

  18. wonderful arts, All the best for the birthday!
    The fire is awful, so many people have been affected.
    have a nice Weekend