Friday, July 14, 2017

this week found me continuing with the daily

sketching.  i pop in to starbucks, use a reference 

image from a fashion magazine or make up a face.

i have been using a micron 02 pen.  this is a face

is  from my head.  graphite was added afterwards.

here's how she looks with watercolors.  both give

a different effect.  i think i ike the first a wee bit better.

these two are works in progress that i started 

at a painting workshop with jeanne marie.  what an indulgence 

to paint for two days in a small group of lovely women. 

after having recently attended jacki long's mixed media 

classes last month, and having so much fun, i am  looking to

schedule more group classes to scatter into the mix of my daily

art practice.   not only are they fun but there is a wonderful energy 

that comes with  creating in a group and i often learn something new.

i am fortunate that there are workshops accessible near me.   do you 

attend classes?  what is your experience? this weekend 

i saw a flier at the local botanic garden  for a make and take 

to paint a parasol!!! right up my alley!

i will show you what i create next week!

until then, have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Nice play of colour and fun sketching. Happy PPF

    much love...

  2. Love this art to sketch, and the colourful version is fantastic. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

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  4. Meesed up the first post...beautiful projects Irene. I kinda like the first one best too. I love your enthusiasm for the classes and creating. No one of note comes to our neck of the woods so I take online classes. And honestly I love the work at your own pace whenever you want format. Happy PPF, oh and looking forward to seeing your parasol too!

  5. I like your sketch very much, Irene, especially the uncolored one. And the other faces you posted. So lovely. I like the lady in blue with the green background.

  6. Beautiful work Irene!
    Can't wait to see the parasol! ♥

  7. Lovely faces both, the first one is more expresive. Sure a group working is inspiring.
    Have a great weekend ❤

  8. Love the free flowing pen work, and your ladies are lovely...I don't attend classes, although would love to...from ppf...xx

    1. Hello Mandy, Thanks so much for visiting! I hope you get to experience a class one day!
      ~~ Irene

  9. Not only do I love your work but I love that you just went off to Starbuck's and created while sipping java! Totally the best of times!

  10. I love your drawing mixed with digital work! she is lovely both in black and white and with colors.

  11. Love your pen work. I am lucky to have an art center nearby and either take classes or just meet friends and paint (in a studio we collectively rent). We energize one another. Happy PPF

  12. Oh these faces are delightful! and so well done ~ ^_^

  13. I like the first one best too...but both are the new ones too... great work. There is a lot of art education available here I just don't do well in a group setting... I need to create in total peace. I think I pick up other people energy too easily. I'm better watching a youtube video. Great post!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. I love the loose style of your sketches. The first one is my favorite also. And yes: creating together with other people is the best. I've enjoyed a few group workshops and every time there was that wonderful creative energy and enthusiasm. Sadly, where I live now there are not many workshops like that. Maybe I should start my own ... ;-)

  15. Caterina Giglio guided me to your blog...and I'm so glad that she did. I am not an artist but I love to play with art materials. I am currently doing an online year long course with Tamara Laporte and her guest artists. It is great. To experience so many styles.

    1. Hello Bonnie, Thank you so much for visiting. What type of art materials do you like? I love to try out new materials, though I tell myself that I want to be a minimalist. Oxymoron, right? I hope you enjoy the course!~~ Irene

    2. Hi Bonnie, I tried to find your blog but was unable to. Please let me know where I can see your work if you post them. Thanks, Irene