Friday, July 21, 2017

portrait on my easel as it evolves

i missed taking  photos of a few steps but 

you can get an idea.

eyes were wonky so i had to move them

last  saturday  i joined a make and take at 

 the south bay botanic garden

in palos verdes.  we painted a parasol

in the gardens  under a lovely trellis.  there 

was a steady stream of people of all ages coming to 

enjoy this activity.  i took an image of a geisha 

to collage on my pink parasol then painted blossoms. 

i received my new italian acrylics this week!! yay!   

they were not easy to find.  i love the buttery consistency.

i will be showing new work using them soon.

southern california is at its best 

here at the palos verdes beach club.

i never tire of the view walking down the stairs.

i brought this book and joined my husband.  

my local library is hosting an interesting series.  

i missed most of them but will join in on the 

august session when  we discuss the art forger by b.a. shapiro 

and then  make art based on influences of the book.

clever, right?

posting with the lovely eva and kristen's


  1. Your portrait work is lovely ~ And your parasol divine! ~ great post too ~ ^_^

  2. So soft and feminine. Lovely! :-)

  3. beautiful portrait Irene , and oh how I love the gorgeous parasols!! What a unique and fun project. Gorgeous view from the beach club.I could never tire of a view like that for sure. Happy PPF!

  4. Your art is always so delicate and charming. Thanks for the post.
    Happy PPF xx

  5. Very interesting post! Lovely seeing the portrait develop and the parasol is beautiful!!

  6. Your girl portrait is really nice. I even like the first touch as a finished product.

  7. Beautiful work Irene...but I love the very first one before you added more.... It's as though you have two different pieces of work...amazing!!The first one looks vulnerable, sweet, and questioning. The last one looks, suspicious, skeptical and annoyed!! Funny how that happens!! You are so talented!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Lovely work and your geisha parasol is exquisite!
    Hope to see you soon? ;o)

  9. You have such a magic touch with your art. It is so impressive to me. Great find on the paints and those parasols are amazing. What a great day to spend with people painting them.

  10. Your girl is lovely...paintstrokes are perfect! Lucky you getting to do such a magical art workshop. paints and art supplies are the best!!! Visiting from ppf...xx

  11. The parasols are gorgeous! And the portraits have evolved nicely. Can't wait to see what you do with your Italian acrylics.

  12. I am always enchanted by the way a blank page morphs into a sketch and then a full painting. Your painting looks so vibrant.Am curious about the Italian acrylics. Did you know about them before? Or is it the first try?

  13. Looks like a fun project. Looking forward to the Italian Acrylics. Blessings,Janet