Friday, July 28, 2017

since i have embraced the fact that

i love painting faces, i have been drawing 

and painting so much more.

this is one of my quick daily  starbucks drawings

with black and brown stabilo pencils and water added.  

when his pencil hits water, it becomes like very 

pigmented ink or watercolor.   i love using it! in many ways!

i was drawn to this hostess at a restaurant, 

vera.  when leaving, i gathered up the nerve

i told her i was an artist.  my friend suggested

i show her my drawings. i showed her a few 

in my sketchbook.  i asked if i could take her 

photo so that i might draw her.  

this is a painting that i did in 2016

i  liked but didn't love it.

i reworked it, adding two more faces.

now i love it.  

and i painted this starting from a reference

image of four of my friends.  then the 

painting became its own version.

both are acrylic, stabile and gesso. 

when i look back at a week's worth of photos

in my iphoto library,  it feels like i have done a lot 

but on a day to day basis,  it's just a moment at a time.

next week i am heading to whidbey island to participate

in a 3 day workshop led by john arbuckle and brian kasstle.

i went last year and had a ball.  I am looking forward 

to the same this year.  i will  probably not post friday 

unless i figure out how to post when i am not at my

computer.    hopefully  i will saturday.  

thank you for visiting me today! 
i post  my art daily on instaagram.  
i find it a simple and compelling 
site with a supportive community of artists. 

posting with paint party friday hosted 
weekly by kristen and eva. 


  1. Oh Irene, the photo with the portrait is just fabulous! I say.....I am glad you are a portrait artist! :-)

  2. Luv the finished piece. Happy PPF, thanks for dropping by my blog today

    Much love...

  3. Beautiful art, love the re-worked piece. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. Lovely portrait art work ~ does seem to be your forte ~ Elegant ~ ^_^

  5. Thanks for this lovely post. You are so talented. This time my favorit is black/white stabilo pen drawing. It's gorgeous.
    Happy weekend xx

  6. fabulous portrait art and the reworks are super! Enjoy your 3 day workshop, and happy PPF!

  7. These are wonderful, especially the last one. Enjoy your time on Widbey Island. Happy PPF

  8. Such beautiful portraits, Irene. I am not familiar with the medium stabilo. I will have to google that. Since you posted on PPF you must have figured out how to do it away from the computer! I stayed a few days on Whidbey Island visiting friends some years ago. Recently I read a series of youth novels set on Whidbey by Elizabeth George. I hope you are enjoying your time there.

  9. A wonderful week of works, I especially love the four, but all the predecessors as well.
    Have a great time on your trip! Ah so many memories.

  10. All very lovely's great when you discover what you lve...xx

  11. Irene, if you want to know more about how I felt about the book The Warmth of other suns, please email me. My email is on my blog.

  12. Love the paintings. Have fun at the retreat, sounds great.

  13. Irene I am so flummoxed by that last painting that it made me tear up!! It's so stunning and feels like it could take on fame in years to come...'s so inspiring!! I also love the evolution of the painting you changed, how it started out rather innocent, then emerged a completely new emotion and style! Love the dress that looks like velvet... Really incredible work I love the face of the hostess. What I enjoy about your work is no matter how many faces you take on, they all have a unique flare and style!! Your work is SO interesting! Have fun at on your jaunt away!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. Wow you have been prolific in your art. All lovely.

  15. What lovely and expressive paintings!

  16. I have just been catching up on your beautiful art Irene and Oh my gosh! I loooove the last pic here of your friends.