Sunday, January 24, 2016

since wednesday i have looked outside to see

if i couple catch a glimpse of the planets

in alignment.  the last time this happened was 

11 years ago.  there has been an early morning

 cloud cover which has obscured the view ...

until this morning.  even with the full moon

i could see the plants!  they were so bright.

just the sight of all of them was thrilling.

look in your local  paper to see where the best place 

to catch this  sight in your area.  i think there

are a couple of days left.  

ps venus is like a shining jewel in the sky!

pss  a full moon always captures my heart because 

it reminds me of the night my son was born


  1. A beautiful photo, a fantastic memory.

  2. I noticed it last night, your photo is stunning!♥♥♥

  3. I've been looking - but the brightest things aren't where the planets are meant to be!!! I think there's a little time left.