Saturday, January 16, 2016

journal spread

i used to journal regularly but have gotten away from it.

as one of the assignments in  katie kendrick's online workshop 

i collaged an image of one of my paintings along with other papers.

and intuitively added acrylic paint, marks with 

a graphite pencil until it felt finished.  

i dont know why i don't do this more often.  

it was fun!

i have linked this with julie blazer designs
5 top reasons to art journal


  1. Great colour display. Don't know why journals are different from making art in general... It's a picture to me.

  2. it's captivating! beautiful colours too

  3. Not only do I love the spread I love individual portions of it. Of course the focal figure captures my attention but are those padlocks on the left. They are very curious and I am wondering if they are the locks to secret thoughts going on with the woman in the spread?

  4. Wow this is a very cool project!!m Such an interesting piece! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Oh, I love this Irene! It's nice to see what you started out with. I also like using my own art in collage and making something new out of it. And yes, I also always wonder why I don't play more often in my artjournal since I always have fun ... ;-)