Friday, January 22, 2016

my friend lorraine wanted to have an art day

to celebrate her birthday.  we decided to make gelli plate prints.

it is a great way to loosen up, try different colors and make papers for future art pieces.  

then afterwards we drew in journals and collaged our drawing

with the papers we made.  i used tissue paper, scrapbook paper, 

magazine papers, well, whatever i had in my ever growing stacks of

ephemera to print. my journal is a 1907 children's primer.

when i showed the journal to a group of artists 

i got the  comment that  i was defacing a book.  i like to think

of it as up cycling.  but i guess this is up for personal 

opinion.  another comment was that this girl always 

shows up in my work and wondered if i talked to anyone

about that.  i wonder, who would i talk to?

comments welcome :)

this week i also continue to paint daily on the little tea bags.

with the lovely hostesses kristen and ava
and #artjournaleveryday 


  1. I love what you have made! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Interesting blog post. I love your sharing of how the process goes and what is happening during the process. Glad you had fun!

  3. really nice art. I really think only you can answer who that girl is that keeps appearing and why. Keep pondering it. Happy PPF!

  4. Eeks ditch the group too much judgement!! I must admit though I have trouble defacing books...but not catalog types.. I think we've been brain washed over the years to respect books. I know I could up-cycle them now especially when I see the great paper that was formally used!! Funny I've not seen many repeats in your work... maybe it's your style they're talking about!! Lovely work as always!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. I am guessing the birthday celebration was a success because what better way to spend the time than making art with a friend?

    Up-cycling never bothered me. I think it's a charming way to use an old book that no one reads anymore.

    Happy weekend to you Irene!

  6. What a lovely idea! An art day!! I want to do this--I am going to nick your idea and start this somehow. Very nice images--and I am sure you had a beautiful day. xo

  7. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday! I bet you had fun.

  8. Books are becoming obsolete. Why not make the beautiful? As for the group, OMG they sound jealous, so the judge. I know you will keep creating your beautiful girl and making art your own. Hugs Nicole

  9. So many books are discarded ...
    I look at working in old books as giving them another life.
    You have certainly done that beautifully.
    Your special girl seems like a precious friend that wants to spend time with you!
    Happy PPF

  10. I agree with Giggles, drop the group of judgmental artists. I really like the second portrait you did, because of the intense color scheme and depth. Blessings!

  11. I think what you created is beautiful!!

  12. Defacing a book!? I happen to love reading, but I would never call this defacing a book. There are so many unwanted books out there, I'd rather call this an act of love to do something beautiful and creative with it instead of throwing it away ...

  13. Too fun to have an art play date!