Wednesday, December 10, 2014

sold paintings waiting to be picked up 

solo show alternative, part 2

time of day, number of hours how to advertise or announce the event.
i have held shows for 4 hours, either in the late afternoon,
4-8PM or
midday, 11-3PM.
this has proven to allow a nice stream of  people streaming through
with enough time to greet,talk to each person and answer questions.
we have sent out emails, handed out  post cards and
posted on Facebook and on my blog.  a follow up notice a week or so
before the date is helpful.  i like to include directions to the event.
it is a good idea to ask for rsvps so you can plan for the refreshments.

i offer light finger foods and beverages.  i love proseco and find it
festive so i serve it along with non alcoholic drinks.  it is lovely if friends
offer to bring food as it takes on more thing off of your long list.

also decide on whether there is a commission to be paid,
who is going to hang the work, whether  paintings can be sold
in advance of the show, whether to keep the paintings up 
throughout the show or let people take them as they are 
purchased, what form of payment will be acceptable to 
be taken (cash, check, credit cards)

hanging and display options....
there are a number of ways to display your work
from the traditional d-rings and wire with nails on the wall 
to alternatives methods.    i have tried all of the above.  at one venue
we hang paintings in an outdoor patio, some are sit on tables, on the patio wall,
on wrought iron dividers, on easels and on music stands.  the variety only
adds to the festivities.  at the latest show the walls had special delicate paint
treatment.  we did not want to use any nails nor did we want them to sit on 
surfaces or on the floor.  this was challenging.  we discovered command hooks
and not permanent double stick velcro.  for the most part it worked well
though not perfect.  

you will need to decide whether you want to have all of 
your paintings framed.  in the past i have framed all of my work.  for sunday's show
i  wanted to present a series of paintings and mono prints done on paper.  there were about
twenty.  i wanted them to be hung but did not want to frame them all.  also, i have
storage issues at home already and the bulk of framed work would cause more problems.
i decided on having all pieces matted only and hung.  i think it was 
a viable alternative.  you have seen the photo above in yesterday's post.  
the non framed  paintings are displayed on the right.

tomorrow, paperwork, pricing, mistakes to avoid


  1. More great information...again thanks for sharing. Very intimate yet festive celebration of your art!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Congratulations on your sales! Just plain terrific! Good for you. :-)