Friday, December 12, 2014

hosting a solo show, part 3

this is the final section in a series of three.  you can check the previous two
posts to read other aspects of hosting a showing of your work.


 create a numbered inventory list for each show
listing the title, media, price with a photo of the work so the person
taking the money can easily recognize the painting.   one list is kept 
at the check out.  i also print out wall tags to be put along side
of the painting with this same information (your have seen this in galleries), 
including the number of the painting so it can be matched with the list.

mistakes to be avoided....

have all your work ready to go well in advance of the show.  this 
includes signatures, final finishes, arrangement for hanging
and photographs.  i have created unnecessary stress for myself
by deciding i wanted to paint fresh new paintings at the last minute.
there is enough work to be done before a show without this.  i have done it 
both ways.  you will enjoy your show much more if you are relaxed 
and not adding backings, etc. at the last minute.  something always goes 
wrong and then you are in a bind. 

invite people, tell folks what you are up to.  art is a great equalizer,
people of all ages and backgrounds can appreciate it.
it is fun, beautiful, colorful and people like to see it in a relaxed
environment.  for my first two shows i did not send out my own
mailers until the very last minute.  i didn't want to 'bother' people or 
make them feel obligated.  this is not the case.  people want to know
and want to support you and want to see your latest work but 
they won't know about it unless you tell them.  think of all the 
people who have asked you about your art.  include them. 
i have met many new people and have heard first hand responses
to my art.  it is encouraging and exciting beyond what i have ever imagined. 

its personal.  people tell me i should charge more.  my answer is that i will
when i am ready.  i have had people want to give be a business lesson so that 
i will make more from my art. 
i love that people can afford and enjoy my art.  close to one hundred of my paintings 
are in homes throughout the world.  that makes  me feel very good.  
 i am prolific, i paint daily. i don't want my paintings stored forever. 
i want them out and hanging.  each artists needs to make their own decision on this.
there are no rights or wrongs, no comparing, it does not make your art
better because the price tag is higher.  i talked to a young gentleman who 
bought two of my piece yesterday.  he was mentored by an art
collector.  while some art was out of his price dance,
 he was grateful he could afford to have my art in his home. 
i like knowing this.

putting your art out in the world...

i cannot believe that i am writing this.  although i have been painting for 
less than four years, it has taken a lifetime for me
to feel comfortable putting myself and now my art out into the world.
i have discovered that while it is difficult, it has many rewards.
i have met many new people some of whom have started to collect
my work.  i have heard personal stories through art, have been
surprised at what my art has meant personally to people.  i don't think
is is personal to me.  i believe if you put your heartfelt work, 
whatever it may be out, the response will surprise and delight you.
(in my opinion)

do not second guess yourself or what other people might like.
i could have sold the painting that my least favorite five
times over.  it surprised me.  i would have left it home but
i decided at the last minute to take it.  you never know
what touches another.  another example is a set of three
sketches i took to my last show in august.  the person hosting
the show did not like it so it took it home.  sunday, i sold
the set and took orders for several duplicates.

i hope you are encouraged to try this means of showing
your beautiful art.  i would love to hear about it if you do.

happy paint party friday to all.  thank you, 
kristin and ava for hosting this creative group.


  1. Irene this beautiful post in your heartfelt words are very encouraging and inspirational! Thank you for sharing your beautiful perspective and experience!! Love your work! You are so right different strokes for different folks so they say! You never know what will hit a chord in them!! Thanks for sharing! Your display is gorgeous too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Irene, thank you for your kind words on my blog. Your work is always so bright and beautiful. Merry Christmas!

  3. Thank you for all the advice regarding art shows. I haven't been in an art show in several years, but I know how valuable your advice is. Have a blessed holiday season, my friend!

  4. Yes, I love, beautiful paintings! Very nice and interesting exhibition !!

  5. I would so love to wander around at your show. Thanks so much for your wise words. It really helps to know another artists' experiences with these things.

  6. Hi Irene,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and beliefs about your art. I enjoyed reading this post very much. I too have been surprised at other people telling me what I should sell my work for, and how they pick the pieces I feel were my worst work!...Have a lovey Christmas and new years, and Congrats on your exhibit!...x...Julia D

  7. Congratulations on the show!! Thank you for sharing and happy PPF!

  8. Good for you hosting your own show with your wonderful pieces!

  9. Your paintings are so vibrant and intense, love the way you can use colour.
    Thanks for the informative advice about putting on a show, I exhibit as part of an Art group and a lot of the information you give could be very useful for us in future shows.

  10. I love your abstract elephant. So fun to stare at it for a long time. :-)